Metropolitan Transportation Infrastructure

Sofia Airport Metro Station


Sofia Municipality-Metropoliten JSC


Association N R-RUBIKON


Atelier Serafimov Architects Ltd. and arch. Irena Derlipanska



General contractor:

Association Metro Sifer


  • Exclusive partner
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Line 1, Metro Station 23 - Sofia Airport

Metro station "Sofia Airport" is the final station of the first metro line and directly serves the Sofia Airport which is adjacent to Terminal 2. It is located southeast of the terminal and the space above the park area. The track consists of a ground section 700 m long and overbridge section with a total length of 921 m which consists of three subsections. The metro station itself is above-the-ground, of island type with a length of 143 m, out of which – a platform 123 meters long and a concourse - 20 m, located in the top northern part. The station is situated in a way that the level of passenger platform is the same as the level of the sidewalk in front of the airport, thereby access to the platform and trains is provided without the stairs, escalators and elevators, typical for the most metro stations.
Station’s foundations are laid on massive concrete foundations made of circular piles with a diameter of 1200 mm with a length of 16 meters, combined with reinforced concrete grillage. Under the 6 foundations were constructed 96 reinforced concrete piles. On four foundations were constructed massive columns with joined collar beams. The top support structure consists of longitudinal and transverse beams with combining plate on which is installed the supporting steel arch structure of the coating.
The architectural design reflects the specific function of the station and the track. The concept of the architectural style and the silhouette is inspired by the impact of speed and dynamics which are most characteristic associations of the metro.